Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

The Anti-Bullying Ambassador program, which was set up in March 2013, is part of The Diana Award charity.  This program trains young people across the UK to be Anti-Bullying Ambassadors within their schools and communities, helping prevent bullying and trying to ensure that everyone feels safe and happy in their school.

In October 2014, six of our Year 7 children joined children from primary and post primary schools across N. Ireland to attend a training day with a team from the Diana charity. Since their training our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have met with Mrs Duffy (Pastoral Care Coordinator) every two weeks to discuss the issues they would like to work on within the school.  The Ambassadors have participated in whole school assemblies, designed posters about the work they hope to do and they planned and organised a ‘Friendship Day’ during Anti-Bullying Week where friendship bracelets were made for each of the children in the school.  

A themed day will be organised every term by the Ambassadors during the course of the school year and will involve all the children in the school.   

Year 7 Ambassadors for 2017/2018: 

Anti Bullying 2017