Life at Rowandale

Life at Rowandale

Life at Rowandale is never dull! There’s always something new and exciting for the children.

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Rowandale Football Team!

Rowandale Football Team

Rowandale Football Team

Hens at School!?!

In March 2012, whist thinking about how to develop our School Grounds, the Eco committee discussed the possibility of keeping hens at school. After some thought and research on the computer they decided that there were a lot of benefits to keeping hens at Rowandale.

  1. Their droppings would help our compost heap.
  2. It will help us learn where our food comes from.
  3. Eggs could be used for the classes to cook with.
  4. Hens will eat insects and slugs and therefore benefit our polytunnel area.
  5. It will teach us responsibility in how to look after animals
  6. We could sell the eggs and make some money.

We then went to the parent’s council and requested that they fund a chicken coop for us to keep our hens. We were really happy when they agreed to do this! After some research we decided to use a local company called Willowtree Cottage in Annalong. Derek and Ciara from Willowtree came and talked to use about how to take care of our hens. hen

Eco Flag

Throughout the year all children are encouraged to take part in Eco activities and a fun and interactive Eco club is always a well attended after schools club.  Each class nominates 2 Eco monitors each term. These monitors meet regularly to ensure that we are working in our areas of focus for that year. Eco Monitors also help to organize  for our regular Eco events such as Walk to School Week, Fairtrade Friday and Big School Bird Watch. During the spring and summer term the children get lots of opportunity to grow a variety of plants and flowers. These are often sold to help raise funds for ongoing Eco projects. The school pond is a great place for outdoor learning to occur with it’s abundance of bugs and plant life. We were delighted to be awarded our 2nd green flag in June 2013.

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