New School Year Information 2017/2018

Here you will find all the information you need for the start of the new academic year.  Please contact the office if you require further information.

School Start Time

School can be accessed 8.50am whereby your child comes into school, goes to his/her classroom, leaves their school bag and goes outside into the playground.  There will be supervision in the playground from 8.50am – 9.00am by staff.  School starts promptly at 9am.

Parents will not be able to take their child to their classroom if they arrive later than 9am.  You must report to the office if you arrive after 9am and a member of staff will take your child to their classroom.  We would appreciate your co-operation in arriving to school before 9am if possible.

Footwear Year 1 – 7 (All Year Groups)

 All children, including our new Year 1’s, do not need to bring an extra pair of indoor shoes to school.  The plimsolls which the children will wear for PE will be used as indoor shoes.  Plimsolls are compulsory for PE.  Please ensure all footwear is clearly labelled.


We currently have a number of pupils with nut and kiwi allergies.  We would be grateful if you could read the advice below and refrain from sending to school anything which might cause a reaction for these children.

 Avoid foods that contain any of these ingredients:

  • Peanuts (salted, unsalted, roasted, dry roasted) ground nuts, beer nuts, monkey nuts, mixed nuts, earth nuts, bombay mix
  • Peanut oil cold pressed, expressed, or expelled, arachis oil, groundnut oil
  • All peanut products e.g. peanut butter, nut spreads, chocolate spreads
  • Crushed ground peanut – in sauces or coating on food (cakes, buns, ice cream), satay sauce, and peanut sauce
  • Kiwi Fruit

Care Plans & EpiPens

If there is a change to your child’s current Care Plan, please notify the office immediately.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that EpiPens are in date and clearly labelled with your child’s name.

School Pickup – Information for Parents

If your child is not going home in the usual way please let us know by telephoning the office (92 613946) and also let your child know so that we can ensure that they are collected safely.

If you wish to collect your child early please send in a note in advance and come to the office at the time indicated. The only reason children should be leaving school early should be for a child to attend a medical appointment or as a ‘one off’ logistical reason. Children will not be allowed to leave school early for any other reasons unless this has been agreed with Mrs Hughes.


We would ask that all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name (school bag, lunch box/bag, water bottle, PE kit, uniforms, school tie, coats etc).

 It is surprising how many items of new uniforms can go missing in the first few days!

Free school Meals and Uniform Grant

 If you are in receipt of Child Tax Credit / Working Tax Credit and have an income that does not exceed £16,190, your children may be entitled to free school meals and a grant towards uniform and PE Kit.  Please note that this scheme is operated in the strictest confidence. 

 It is important that as many children as are entitled to free school meals are registered, even if you do not intend sending your child for school meals, as each registered child attracts significant additional funding to the school.  By registering you are helping your school – please contact the office for further details.

KS1 and KS2 list of suggested contributions