Walking Bus each Friday

Walking BusWalking Bus

 Following on from our ‘Walktober’ event, we would like to introduce the ‘Walking Bus’ as a more regular provision.

The walking bus can now be used as a drop off service each FRIDAY  (beginning on Friday 24th November).

You may drop your child off at 8.35am at Moira Presbyterian church park and a parent volunteer and member of staff will be there to meet you.  You must provide consent for your child to use the walking bus by signing your name on the register.

The waking bus will leave promptly at 8.40am and will arrive in school at 8.50am. Each child will be provided with a hi visibility vest to wear to make them easily identifiable as they walk down to school.

The safety of your child is paramount and so there will be a limit of 20 pupils using the walking bus at any time. The walking bus will take place in wet conditions, therefore make sure your child is suitably dressed. On mornings when it is icy or snowy the walking bus will not be on.

Of course, if you wish to walk with your child you are more than welcome to do so!