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New School Year Info for Parents 2019/20

School Start Time

School starts each day at 8.50am.

 We would remind parents that the school gate will be closed at 9am each morning.  Parents are not permitted to enter classrooms/playground after this time – please report to the office if your child arrives after 9am. 


We would ask that children do not play on Wicksteed at drop-off and collection time (2pm & 3pm).


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club starts on Monday 2nd September at 7.30am.  There are 2 costs:


If your child arrives between 7.30 – 8.15am:  £2.50 (includes a healthy breakfast) or;

If your child arrives between 8.15 – 8.35am:  £1 (breakfast not provided)


This will be facilitated in the school hall each morning for the school year including half day closures.


Car Park

In an effort to alleviate the congestion in the car park each morning, children can now access the hall from 8.35am where they can wait until 8.50am. 


After the first week of school, Year 1 children can be dropped off at Kiss and Go where they will be taken to the office to wait for a member of staff to walk them to the hall or to their classroom.


All other children must go directly to the hall at drop-off but must not enter the classrooms as there is no adult supervision until 8.50am. 

We would appreciate if you are using this service to explain to your child about going directly to the hall.


All cars must use the Kiss and Go queue in the mornings – please do not leave the queue early to park as this causes problems for cars attempting to turn.  We are all working together to alleviate as much stress as possible when entering and exiting the car park.  We would appreciate it if you please remain in the queue and be thoughtful and calm when parking.


The area on the LHS is a designated staff parking area.  We would ask parents not to park in this area at any time of the day.


Early finishing times: arrangements for pick-ups



Week beginning

2nd Sept

Week Beginning

9th Sept

Week Beginning

16h Sept

Year 1




Year 2




Year 3


Mon – Wed 3pm

Thurs – Fri 2pm

Mon – Wed 3pm

Thurs – Fri 2pm ***

Year 4




Year 5




Year 6




Year 7





Hot dinners will be served each day from 2nd September.


***  These are the finishing times for Year 3 until the end of the school year in June.

 All children must be picked up outside the classroom.  If someone other than yourself is collecting your child, please ensure you have notified the office/teacher in advance.


After School Care

There will be After School Care until 6.15pm from Monday 2nd September.

We will provide care from 12.45pm for all children Years 1 – 7. 

 The cost is as follows (2nd  – 13th September):

 12.45pm – 2pm:          £2.50

2pm – 3pm:                 £2.50

3pm – 4pm:                 £2.50

4pm – 5pm:                 £4.50

4pm – 6.15pm             £10


An email has been sent out providing information on weekly clubs (ECO, reading etc) and September for termly clubs (football etc) Year 1 parents have received information at on how to book after school care – SchoolMoney will not be available for Year 1 parents until after the first day of term and all the children appear on SIMS.  All future clubs should be booked through the online booking system SchoolMoney


Office Opening Hours

 The school office is open each day as follows:


Siobhan:          8.30am – 1.15pm, 1.45pm – 3pm       Monday to Friday

 Philly:              8.30am – 1.15pm, 1.45pm – 4pm       Monday to Friday


The office is closed for lunch from 1.15pm – 1.45pm.   *** Telephone calls will not be answered during this time. 



Pencil Case Contribution List


Years 3-7

Please ensure that your child’s pencil case contains the following items, which should be clearly labelled with your child’s name:


  • Pritt Stick tube
  • At least 1 whiteboard pen
  • HB pencils
  • Felt tip pens and colouring pencils
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Blue or black pens for handwriting (Years 5 – 7 only)


We would appreciate a donation of a box of tissues from each family.