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Rowandale IntegratedPrimary School, Moira

Love to learn and learn to love

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Welcome to Rowandale Integrated Primary School.


Education is a shared experience. It involves children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community. At Rowandale Integrated Primary School we work together to create a secure and happy environment for our children;

  • where their innate love of learning is nourished,
  • where their creativity, originality and expressiveness are nurtured,
  • where they learn, play and become friends with children from different cultural and religious backgrounds and
  • where they ‘love to learn and learn to love’.


I invite you to read our prospectus, talk to our pupils and parents, and visit our school. I hope you will entrust us with the privilege of sharing in the education of your child. We will work hard to make you and your child an integral part of our whole school community. School Prospectus


On Wednesday 19th November, the Minister for Education approved our Development Proposal. As from September 2015, we will have 57 Year 1 places!


Applications for September 2019 - closing date is


Please contact the school office for further information and advice on completing your form.

On behalf of the parents, staff and Governors of Rowandale Integrated Primary School, we would like to thank the Minister of Education, Mr John O’Dowd, for approving our development proposal. This will ensure that more parents in Moira and the wider area will have the opportunity to send their children to an Integrated School. Rowandale is the only integrated school in this area, and has proved popular with local parents since it opened in 2007, so it makes sense that the Minister has enabled the school to increase its enrolment figure. This decision will ensure that all families who wish to choose integrated education will be able to do so. Rowandale’s success has shown that Integrated Education is very important for families in this area.


Yours sincerely


Frances Hughes