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Credit Union Savings Account

Lurgan Credit Union Ltd. and Rowandale Integrated Primary School now offer a school savings scheme which operates via the school. The purpose of the School Savings Scheme is to encourage children to start saving on a regular basis from an early age. As part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum, schools now have to introduce and develop their pupils’ understanding of Financial Capabilities. Part of this includes the need to save and an understanding of how savings schemes, banks etc operate.

The savings scheme operates on a weekly basis and is completed in the school on each week that the school is open. A Credit Union account can be opened for each pupil, which will record all lodgements made by the pupils. If the pupil already has an account with the Credit Union, they can use this account to save through the school.


Collections are made every Tuesday as below.


If you wish to open an account, please use the following application form or contact the office for a paper copy: