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Rowandale IntegratedPrimary School, Moira

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ECO Council

Our Eco Code

Throughout the year, all children are encouraged to take part in Eco activities and the fun and interactive Eco Club is always a well attended after school club.


Each class nominates 2 Eco Monitors each term.  These monitors meet regularly to ensure that we are working in our areas of focus for that year.  Eco Monitors also help organise for our regular Eco events such as Walk to School Week, Fairtrade Friday and Big School Bird Watch.

The school pond is a great place for outdoor learning to occur with it's abundance of bugs and plant life.

During the spring and summer term, the children gets lots of opportunity to grow a variety of plants and flowers.  These are often sold to help raise funds for on-going Eco projects.


The Eco Council reps for 2021/2022 are:


Year 1D:  

Year 1H:   Jonah & Erin

Year 2D:   James & Nora

Year 2S:    Luke & Ellen

Year 3E:  

Year 3SA:  Fergus & Fiona

Year 4K:    Jamie & Hannah

Year 4R:    Alex Le & Lena

Year 5H:    Dara & Alexandra 

Year 5M:    Daniel & Alice

Year 6H: 

Year 6M:   Tiago & Hannah

Year 7M:   Rory & Eva

Year 7Z:    Dan & Lexie




KS2 Football Tournament

KS1 Toy Sale

8th November 2018 - Planting with Moira PS for the new Sensory Garden, Moira Demesne