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Rowandale IntegratedPrimary School, Moira

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Late/Absence Procedures

Here at Rowandale we aim to give your children the very best education possible. Don't let your child miss out by poor attendance and lateness. It is essential that your child attends school on time every day. Their years at Primary School are the most important time to begin their learning.


Your child’s time at school is very valuable – they only get the chance once! It’s therefore very important that they miss as little school as possible. We do realise that absences due to illness or medical matters can be unavoidable and school is not the place for a child to be if they are unwell.


If your child is not going to be coming into school we ask you to phone the school as soon as possible on the first day of absence to let us know they won’t be in.


If your child arrives late to school, please report to the office to ensure they are marked present.


We are very supportive and welcome parents to contact us if there is a problem. Please keep talking to us!