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Rowandale IntegratedPrimary School, Moira

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Mutual respect and inclusion are at the heart of our integrated ethos. Our ethos is not just something we aspire to but permeates all interactions and activities within the school. Many parents see the educational space that we provide, where children can play and learn side by side regardless of their ability, social, cultural and religious backgrounds as a mirror of the living and working space which is vital to our shared future. At the outset we agreed on nine principles as being integral to the creation of an all-inclusive learning environment for our children.


  • We are integrated- we nurture all our children in the values of their own background. Our aim is to enrich individual identity through the understanding of other beliefs.
  • We are child-centred– we base education around the child rather than around the teacher.
  • We are co-educational – we empower our children to fulfil their potential irrespective of gender.
  • We are anti-bias- we encourage our children to have an unbiased approach to other people.
  • We are all-ability– we give each child the opportunity to achieve personal excellence.
  • We are democratic– we consult with parents on all school policies and procedures – our Board of Governors of 16 members has 6 places for Parent Governors. In addition all parents are encouraged to become involved in the Parents’ Council.
  • We are eco-friendly– we involve and educate our children about sustainability issues.
  • We are healthy– we encourage and enable our children to respect their health.
  • We are a whole school community– we seek to create a close partnership involving children, parents, staff, governors and our wider community


We started our journey at Rowandale 7 years ago when we wanted to create an environment where children could learn together and reach their full potential.  The school has grown from strength to strength and we are delighted that the Minister of Education, Mr John O’Dowd, has approved our development proposal to increase our intake in Year 1 to 57 children.

Rowandale is the only integrated school in this area and this decision will ensure that all families who wish to choose integrated education will be able to do so. Our success has shown that integrated education is very important for families in this area.


Rowandale: truly integrated

Integrated education brings children from different traditions together to learn and grow in one school. At Rowandale we endeavour to achieve a 40-40-20 balance (40% Catholic, 40% Protestant and 20% Other). This balance is aimed for not only among pupils but also teaching staff, auxillary staff and Governors. Only integrated schools guarantee this commitment to an overall balance amongst all traditions and backgrounds. We believe the long lasting relationships between children, staff and parents helps promote mutual understanding and respect within the wider community. At Rowandale we are proud to be a fully integrated school and this ethos permeates through everything we do.