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Rowandale IntegratedPrimary School, Moira

Love to learn and learn to love

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Parents in Partnership

Parents play an integral part in Rowandale Integrated Primary School and have done since we opened in 2007.
Here are a just a few of the testimonies from parents on how they feel about working in partnership with the school!
"It's like a home from home with love, care, attention and stimulation that my children receive.  They are happy at school and this makes them receptive learners.  The after-school facility is a godsend - my children are safe, respected and stimulated and I can hold down a job because of it !"  Mrs Ruth Stewart, Year 2, 5 & 7 parent
"Rowandale was the only choice for us.  We want our child to have the skills needed to grow up in a society that is still in many ways divided.  In Rowandale, he has friends from all sides fo the community and all backgrounds are recognised and nutured.  As a result he enjoys school, enjoys learning and is thriving.  We  believe he is doing well adacdemically because the school attends to all aspects of the child's development, making him a confident and rounded individual.  In addition, the school's wraparound care - breakfast and after schools - has fitted perfectly with our unpredictable working hours.  Nowhere else offered us this 'whole package' of education, care and development.  Thank you Rowandale"  Helen McLaughlin, Year 5 parent
"I have 3 children in Rowandale, with very different strengths and needs.  They are all nurtured and guided as individuals and are benefiting hugely from the academic and social teaching within the school. All 3 are very happy in Rowandale".  Suzie Fitzpatrick, Parent Year 2, 4 & 5